Bad news: It's not just about you.  (Well, it is, but also a lot more!:)  Weddings are reunions, family gatherings, celebrations and affirmation of some of what make us fundamentally human.  As the couple being married, you step forward to a noble and ancient rite that has connective roots to almost any modern culture.  In short, it's a big deal.  For you, for your family, for your friends and even for the plus one guest you've never met.


    George Carlin once asked incredulously, "Does anybody just remember things anymore?"  The answer is yes, but not all that well.  Sometimes we forget the good times when we're mired in the bad.  Sometimes a familiar face or voice is the best tonic to revitalize the soul.  To be inspired, to know one is loved, these things are priceless.  Photos are beautiful, but a distant beauty.  The movement and sounds cannot be framed and sat on a mantle.  They existed once, but the day has passed.  Or as Ruger Hauer improvised in his final lines of Blade Runner "All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in the rain."


    A thoughtfully shot and crafted video has the power to capture and rebroadcast the best of the wedding day.  A botched vow that is forgiven with smiles and knowing laughter.  A fathers toast that seems to sum up a life's work.  A first kiss that ushers in the start of a magnificent journey.  A dance that justifies weeks of lessons.  Hair that will be gone as children arrive.  Friends that hint at top secret college adventures.  Your wedding and guests are unique.  The events and story that come from that day will never come again.  Preserve it... Cherish it... Get a video.